Downriver Junior Football League


(a)    To investigate and determine if an applicant for a franchise has complied with the membership requirements established by the Board and make its recommendation for acceptance or denial to the Board for action.

(b)   To investigate and determine the compliance with regulations for renewal or expulsion of a franchise already in the League, and make its recommendation for renewal or expulsion to the Board far action.

(c)    It shall be the duty of this committee to consider all proposed amendments to these By-Laws or Rules and Regulations regarding membership, or organization; to present said proposals in proper form to the Board for action along with the committee’s recommendation of approval or disapproval.

(d)   This committee shall aid in the organization of new franchises if so requested by the applicant.

(e)    It shall be the duty of this committee to establish the geographical franchise limitations, as it deems practical and to submit such proposals to the Board of Directors by the June meeting for approval.

(f)    It shall be the duty of this Committee to interview and recommend the three (3) candidates to be elected by the Board of Directors to the Executive Committee.