Downriver Junior Football League

Executive Committee Assignments

Each Executive Committee Member is assigned five (5) franchises.  These assignments overlap such that each franchise has at least two (2) committee members that it may call upon if there are questions are concerns associated with the activities of the Downriver Junior Football League.  These committee members are responsible for reviewing the paperwork of the listed franchises and reporting on and clearing up any discrepancies in the paperwork prior to the first league game.  You may send your respective committee members an email by clicking on the name.

Doug Moores - President

Dannie Collins - VP

Doug Ronan - Member

Walter Fronzak - Member

Romulus Grosse Ile Huron River Romulus
Dearborn Hts. Huron River Lincoln Park Southgate
Lincoln Park Melvindale Allen Park Grosse Ile
Riverview Allen Park Dearborn Hts Wyandotte
Woodhaven Southgate Woodhaven

Demetrius Traylor - Treasurer

John Wester- Secretary

Warren Knapp - Member

Mark LaBeau - Member

Lincoln Railspliters Riverview Lincoln Railspliters
Taylor Seahawks Washtenaw Maize Washtenaw Maize
Wyandotte Melvindale
Taylor Seahawks